Nowadays, corporate gifting has become a new trend. The companies now gift every employee on their birthdays or on special occasions. That aside, many corporate employees also choose to gift office colleagues with whom they have good relations. Among many gifts, eco-friendly products have become the latest trend. And it’s probably here to stay as more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. 

Now, the question is, what sort of corporate gift hampers should you choose? In this article, we will show you five eco-friendly stationery gifts you can choose as a corporate employee. Let’s dig in:

Eco Friendly Plantable Mega Stationery Gift Set

Eco-friendly Seed Pencils - Corporate Stationery Gifts

Seed pencils are pretty amazing stationery items which you can gift your corporate colleague. These pencils are made of recycled paper, and they come with different kinds of plant seeds with them. Once your pencil can no longer write, you can take out the seed and plant them at a place of your choice. This way, you are giving the corporate employees eco-friendly products and contributing to increasing the biodiversity of the world.

These eco-friendly seed pencils from Amala Earth come with a pack of 10 pencils manufactured using recycled paper and seeds that redefines the way you use eco-friendly goods. Each pencil is 18 cm long, and they last for quite a while. Your environment-conscious office friend will definitely love them.

Wooden Coasters - A Practical Eco-friendly Gifts

Corporate jobs can be pretty hectic, and the employees might have to stay awake for long hours to complete a crucial project or an important presentation. It’s no wonder that your co-worker might consume large doses of coffee and tea on a regular basis. If you have such friends, gifting them wooden coasters can be a great choice. After all, they are both eco-friendly and practical, which will keep the coffee mug stable and prevent stains on the table covers.

These wooden coasters available in Amala Earth are handcrafted using mango wood, which later goes through a controlled burning process to reinforce them to perfection. These coasters can be a perfect present for your colleague, which will bring them one step closer to sustainable living.

Handmade Paper Affirmation Journal - Stationery Gifts

Sometimes, we need self-affirmations to step out from our cocoons and do positive things that can change the life of both ourselves and those around us for good. However, doing it in real life is a lot tougher. If your office friend is going through a tough time, gifting him/her an affirmation journal can bring a positive change in his/her life.

These affirmation journals from Amala Earth are manufactured using handmade papers, which can slowly help people wash away negativity from their lives. Your corporate friend can write a positive statement in this journal and then keep writing how he/she wants to turn that statement into reality. Repeating this for at least 21 days straight can improve the mental condition of most people, making it a stationery present for corporate employees.

Eco-friendly Stationery Set - Corporate Gift Hampers

Do you have an office colleague who likes to plan every single of his/her activities? If that’s the case, this eco-friendly stationery planner set can be a great gift idea. Specially available in Amala Earth, this stationery gift set contains a banana fibre box, one B6 daily planner, four eco-friendly pencils with seed paper packaging, and one handmade macrame bookmark. 

Made with natural products, these corporate gift hampers are perfect for people who like to jot down every little thing in their lives. The materials were extracted from banana pseudostem and cotton rags recycled from nearby textile mills, making this product completely nature-friendly. It’s a gift your planning fanatic colleague just can’t refuse.

Eco-friendly Conference Kit Combo - A Practical Gift

Every corporate worker who has been in their profession for a long time has attended some kind of conference or presentation. So, why don’t you give your corporate friend something that is not only stylish but also completely eco-friendly and contains no plastic? 

At Amala Earth, you can find this eco-friendly conference kit combo that contains sustainable products, which includes a file folder, one plantable conference pad, one ID card made of recycled materials, and an eco-friendly pen. The whole kit is made of recycled by-products that don’t harm mother nature. This makes it one of the best corporate gift hampers for office employees.


Finding stationery products is easy. But choosing eco-friendly stationery gifts for corporate employees and colleagues can be a tough job. You don’t know where to look for the right products and if the products you find can be considered as a good gift. So, we have presented five amazing stationery gifts that don’t harm nature. Take a look at these gift ideas and see which one can be a good gift for your office friend. You can also be inspired by them to come up with a perfect gift.